Charlie's first blog entry

January 11, 2021

Welcome to Charlie Owen Events – a new company, new website, new contact details! This may seem a strange time to launch a new events business however I believe that we will all be in a much better place come the summer months which will first allow outdoor events to take place, and then the indoor Christmas markets/fairs. To be honest I am really excited about starting again after the problems of last year and hope to see so many of you, and if you had booked an event with Oakleigh Fairs then I will be offering discounts of 50% for the deposit for each new event booked – obviously this will take a time to work through but please bear with me. If you had paid in full then this will take a little longer to work out but I will come up with something…. As we are still uncertain of the future I will not actually take any fees until I am sure an event will be taking place (or a month beforehand), any later fair cancellations will be dealt with on an event by event basis.

Finally, for this first blog, but most importantly, I hope you are all well and keeping sane and I really do hope to see you all when we have come through this!